Mark-able ceramic tile ready to go


Mark-able glass tile ready to go

Things are changing at

Danny with here. We’re going to be changing things up at…we understand that being a Laser Owner puts you in a very selective group of self-employed business owner.

Over the course of the next few months we’ll be pushing new ideas on how you can use LaserTile as well as promoting new products that you can take out into the business world and help grow your business.

We want to hear from Laser Owners…so please feel free to contact us with your ideas or concerns.

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What is Laser Tile?

Laser Tile is a ceramic tile that was created for laser owners. These tiles are coated with a trademarked coating that when the tile is lasered, the coating from a chemical reaction on the tile.  Our tiles are ideal for murals, gifts, home decor & so much more!

There is a huge difference between our tile and purchasing cheap tile and then spraying it with another product. You’ll never get the detail and efficiency that one would get from using LaserTile.

This Month’s LaserTile Special

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