Etching Tile with the Holidays in Mind

November has snuck up right on us and with that so has the holiday season. As laser owners we’re hoping for a busy season, as we try to get ready to engrave all those holiday gifts. However, how do we stand apart from all those other business offering holiday items?

The key is to thinking outside the box and we have a great idea for this Thanksgiving season. We were just at a wedding and they had paper place setters on the table. What a great person touch I thought! Now what could make this better, Lasertile was the first thing that came to mind of course.

To transition this to our customers a little work is required. Go get a small table that seats at least 4 people, maybe you can bring that patio table from outside; with fall upon us you won’t be using it anyway. Go out and buy a set of dinnerware from Target or the local Salvation Army. Take your dinnerware and set up your table somewhere in your shop. Take one of our 8″ Lasertiles and engrave some type of turkey clip art on it, this will be your turkey trivet. Now take a few of our 4″ or 3×6″ Lasertiles and engrave different names on them and use them as place setters. Feel free to be as creative as you want with the table setup. If you engrave glassware at your shop this would be a great place to display your work.

Customers will come and go through your shop, but this will be a great conversation starter of all the different types of things your shop can do.

Now don’t forget what we mentioned last month…have those Lasertiles freebies handy and ready to give out to everyone that comes into your shop. You have to build up that brand awareness, one tile at a time.

More tips to follow!