Fall Classic – If you laser it…they will come!

The leaves are changing colors & that morning air is getting just a little more crisp…yes fall is here, however it also means the fall classic is upon us! So you’re probably thinking what does that have to do with lasering.  Lets think to a time when things were simple and easy, lets go back to our childhood (waiting…waiting…some of us my need a minute to get there). Good, now we’re all on the same page; think of advertising and what comes back to you…for me it was baseball cards. I would race to the local gas station each week to pick up the baseball card of the week. Now, that wouldn’t be the only thing I would get…usually I had a dollar or two and I would pick up a Coke and a bag of chips.

By now your thinking again, what does this have to do with etching and more importantly my business. So in a world of instant gratification, lets not come up with a new idea, but simply improve on one that’s already there. Now ask yourself, do you have a personal connection with your customers, is there a reason they come back? This is a great way to create and improve on those relationships.

Lets have a little fun with that laser by building connections and also as important building up a strong customer base.

Take some of our 3×6 engravable tile and since we’re on the subject of fall lets stick to baseball. I’ve found 3 images that are copyright free and I’ve engraved several tiles with these images. The plan is to hand out a different tile each week. Make sure you tell your customer that as well, let them know that they can come in next week to pick up the next tile in the collection. Now it doesn’t have to be baseball, it can be anything…American History, Cars, Homes, any subject you want. Just give away 1 tile to each customer each week for the next month. Make sure you give tile to any kids that walk into your store! Those little ones will be your future customers in a mater of no time.

This is a great time to do this promotion because the holidays are right here. That little tile will be a great reminder to your customers that they can come back to your business for any engraving they need on those Holiday gifts.