Metal Gun Safe

Happy Monday Laser Owners. This is our first blog post on our new updated site & we thought we would talk about some new items that will be coming to Laser Tile.

For this special we have a Metal Gun Safe that we’re selling. It perfect for any Laser Owner; the gun safe itself is sturdy, however it’s not tactical worthy.  We did however make a couple of these for our 2 favorite officers in our local city and they really loved them. So that got us to thinking, why not offer this to our Laser Customers.

Marketing the Metal Gun Safe

  • Upcoming Outdoor & Wildlife
  • Upcoming Gun shows
  • Contacting gun shops
  • City, County & State Police Banquets
  • Gifts

These are just a few areas that you can walk in with these guns cases and display your lasering capabilities. Remember, the more eyes that see creative items like this, the more likely people will turn to you for other projects.

gun case